About Us

Jim Snow worked as a Court Reporter with the provincial government in Lethbridge for 20 years. In 1979, Jim and his wife, Olga moved to Edmonton with their daughters, Debbie and Tracey. Court reporting had recently been privatized in Alberta and recognizing a new and exciting business opportunity, Jim and Olga decided to open one of the first private Court Reporting firms in Edmonton. It truly was a family business with Jim and Olga tending to the company seven days a week, if needed.

With Jim’s expert knowledge of court reporting and Olga’s excellent business management skills, Snow’s Court Reporting established its position as a leader in the field. 38 very successful years later, Snow’s Court Reporting has maintained its reputation for expertise and outstanding service.

The Snow’s worked tirelessly at their business until Olga unexpectedly passed away in late 2007. Olga had been such an integral part of every aspect of the company, Jim and his daughters knew it was time to pass on the reigns. Since January 2008, Heather Turk has tended to the day to day management of Snow’s Court Reporting. Heather has 15 years experience as a Legal Assistant and is dedicated to upholding the Snow’s high standard of customer service.

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